The Battle of The Fourth State ‘v’ Googlezon.

While the demise of the Fourth State as we have known it seems ever approaching, the ‘newspaper’ seemed to be making one last desperate attempt to change its appeal from ‘Junk’ to something a little more collectable.


The Manual, is the brainchild of a variety of printers and illustrators and one time editor of the Daily Express, Richard Addis – who in 2006 launched his media company, Shakeup Media, the company behind this limited edition four page “Berliner”.


Printed at The Print Club in Dalston, the silk screened four page publication was created entirely by hand.


We also want to demonstrate the power of print as a medium by using ink and paper in a manner that emphasises their unique touch, smell and texture.”


One hundred and fifty copies, each numbered to create even more exclusivity, went to print and on the morning of October 13 they were distributed at “select central London locations” to a handful of lucky commuters and city dwellers.


I like a little bit of the personal touch and wish I could have got one for myself, but who knows, this has the start of a new hip media explosion written all over it. No doubt soon – I hope – we will see similar publications being produced around our towns and cities. A little bit of something different to brighten up our mornings – Metro? Spitz? Podcast?


For some of us the idea of the newspaper fading out of existence is a ridiculous idea; these people remember the strikes of the 70’s and still blame Thatcher for everything bad that ever happened to them. For others, the newspaper is already dead; for the algorithm kids of our time technology already killed the newspaper.


This short film by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, created in 2004, offers a very realistic look at the possible future of media as we know it and as it is happening to us today.


A thought provoking piece of media to watch anytime but even more so at a time when we find the great Google Cloud looming over us.


At the end of the clip it asks the question “Is there another way?”





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