is an exhibition that will be held at The Art Works Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) from the 27th of November. The exhibition will be open to the public during the run up to Christmas.


Organized by Ric & Lindsay Bown, the exhibition invites an interesting line up of UK artists to take part in this non profit event which aims to bring greater awareness to the homeless community living around our towns and cities.  The exhibition will also help promote The Big Issue foundation, a long running, award winning magazine, one of the UK’s leading social businesses, which has worked over the past 18 years to help members of the homeless community to regain control of their lives by tackling the issues behind their personal situation and offering them an opportunity to earn a legitimate income.


The exhibition comes at a time of year when an estimated 380,000 people are living homeless.  If even 1% of the estimated figures are unlucky enough to be living rough, an unacceptable 3800 people will be living on the streets during the coldest, wettest and most hostile of seasons the island has to offer.


Thirty artists have been invited to produce an A4 sized piece of art work using only recycled cardboard, a “nod towards the material which provides shelter to many homeless.” The work will be sold for £40 a piece with an aim to raise one £1,000 for The Big Issue Foundation.


For more information about and The Big Issue Foundation go here and here.


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