All Hail The Credit Crunch.



Throw on the breaks. Ease it up. Broadcast a “Credit Crunch”.


A what? I’d like to say I understood what this all meant. All this panic on the TV, splashed across my daily broadsheet, rattling in my ear while I try to get on with my life.  Two people warned me about this economic slump over a year ago before all this became public, one a king fraudster, on the fiddle most of his life, robbing from the rich as he saw it, a “champion for the people” in his own words.  The other a young dishwasher, heavily influenced from his families religious beliefs, a heavy Christian kid who called by my home in the summer, stayed on the doorstep, spoke to me a great farewell, all smiles, a confidence about him that made me feel uncomfortable about my own beliefs.  He told me about the world, about his religious calling and that we would probably never meet again. Finally, before he left he warned for me to be careful, that the start of the end of it all would begin with a world wide economical crash. He told me the world as I new it was coming to an end. 


Separately and one with out the other I would have shunned their motivation for feeding me such spin, but two mad people with similar insight into my future, this made me consider my chances of a life lived to an old age. continued


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